A Week with Whitedove (VOXER) $97


Imagine being able to jam with a coach on your projects, share your thoughts, your ideas, and get direct feedback for a whole week.

Ask questions.  Flush out ideas.  Brainstorm.  Make plans.  Share AHA's. 

Who wouldn't  want that?

You KNOW you need support to reach your business goals and to put an end to the roller coaster of overthinking and lack of action!!

But when you look around for options, all of the stuff out there is just… is either too much or too little.

Wouldn't it be great if you could… 

  • Have access to an entrepreneur and course creation expert who has done what you want to do!!
  • Dive deep into your business troubles
  • Get my BRAIN on your BUSINESS! 
  • Get just the right amount of support to get you to unstuck yourself! LOL

Well guess what?!  That’s exactly what you sign up for when you book a week of Voxer with me!

Whitedove, what is a Week of Voxer?

Voxer is a walkie-talkie app that allows us to exchange voice and text messages. It’s super fun!!  And FREE.

During our week, we’ll be in touch over Voxer to dive deep into whatever is keeping you stuck, looping around in crazytown and not moving forward!

Here’s how a Week of Voxer works:

You don’t need to free your calendar for this. A Week of Voxer is very life friendly.

You can even do it while you are making money on a few other calls/zooms too.

You just need to make sure you have enough time between your day activities to listen and reply to messages – as well as the mental space to write, think, process, take notes, meditate and whatever other homework I give you!!


Don’t worry – this isn’t a 24 hour convo, and you’re not expected or supposed to be sitting by your phone waiting for replies.

Once you sign up, you'll be prompted with a couple of questions - what day you want your week to begin, if you have a specific topic you want to start with (I'll give you a couple to choose from/think about) - and instructions on setting up Voxer. 

We’ll be exchanging messages throughout the business day M-F ...  This gives you and I time to process, and/or re-listen to messages. All messages are responded to generally that day (sometimes the following day if you send later).

The best thing about a Week of Voxer is that you'll have space in between messages to process, lay things out, or implement.

Oh...and not sure what topic to choose to dive into?  It’s okay if you’re not sure where you want to start. Sometimes we just know that things are OFF somehow, but can’t really tell why, right?

That is exactly where I come in.

During your Week of Voxer, I’ll be digging deep, asking questions, and keeping us on track until we get to the core of what’s keeping you stuck, clogging up your brilliance and keeping you from making progress.

Are you ready? I am!


(I have a limited capacity for each week, so get in asap!

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